Community Preparedness

Disaster Readiness

The team at Wellington Region Emergency Management have compiled a 12 step plan to prepare for an emergency. We recommend you go through these steps to prepare yourself for emergencies.

For news and updates in an emergency check Wellington Region Emergency Management Office's Facebook Page.

The Association has worked with the wider community and the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office to develop the Northland, Creswick Valley, Wilton and Wadestown communities response plan. This plan is to ensure that we can respond in the first 72 hours of a large emergency with little or no assistance from emergency services. For the plan to be successful we need as many people as possible to be familiar with it so please download it, read it and pop it into your emergency kit.

Neighbourhood Watch

Our close knit community does a good job of looking out for each other. If you hear of any burglaries or crime in the neighbourhood, please let the police and us know so we can help prevent and solve any crime.

Our Community Constable is based in the Karori Police Station at 154 Karori Road, Karori 6012 (tel: 04-4760330).

Operation Heart Beat (

The Association supported Northland Memorial Community Centre (NMCC)'s successful project to install a public-access defibrillator in the Northland Village. The defibrillator is located outside Domino's Pizza and instructions for use are on the device.

This is part of the community initiative recently launched by Wellington Free Ambulance (WFA) designed to make Wellington a leading SCA-survival city and to double the survival rate of witnessed SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) in the city.

The project is supported by NMCC, Tinakori Lions, local businesses (including Northland Village Surgery) and local resident Neil Pharazyn. This is the first defibrillator installed in a community for public access 24/7.

You can play a important role in performing the life saving actions of CPR and using the defibrillator before the arrival of an ambulance.